Copyrighted Spendthrift Trusts Change Strategy


The old strategy of leveraging cash gifts in irrevocable trusts, shifting or reducing the value of assets, and the implementation of programs to take advantage of income and estate tax deductions for gifts to charity have become outdated and often ineffective. Estate planning specialists stress that the two types of taxpayers are the informed and the uninformed. The less informed you are the more taxes you pay as a general rule. There are also two types of people concerning liability. The uninformed that is completely vulnerable to claims of liability. Informed people are completely protected and immune to all claims and claims of liability against property and assets. Only with Irrevocable, Complex, Discretionary, Non-Grantor Spendthrift

Trusts can you reduce the burden of taxes and completely eliminate exposure to all forms of liability. Copyrighted Spendthrift Trusts also have a funding mechanism that is in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code, Scott on Trust Law and all courts. The following shows a comparison of our Copyrighted Spendthrift Trusts and the old ways of doing business.