Applying for a new EIN number

Before you apply for your EIN number, please be advised that you will need to file 1041 tax returns with the IRS from the year you get your EIN number.

Follow these instructions when applying for an EIN number one or two days before you open your bank account:

EIN INSTRUCTIONS This is like a Social Security number for your Trust. For “Banking” only you will give this number to the banker when you set up an account.

PLEASE NOTE: The IRS actually shuts down the APPLY ONLINE NOW button referenced below during the night.  If you can’t sign up now, it must already be too late for today!

  1. Go to Under TOOLS select Apply For AN EIN – it’s under the third picture of the man with glasses  it will go to the next page
  2. Under box 3, select  APPLY ONLINE NOW
  3. Begin Application (you have 15 minutes and it will time out and you have to start all over)
  4. Select OK then click continue
  5. Select Begin Application
  6. Select Trust then click continue
  7. Continue
  8. Select  Irrevocable then continue
  9. Continue
  10. Select • Individual
  11. Enter YOUR information as the Responsible Party  First Name, middle initial, Last Name and Social  as settlor/grantor
  12. click continue
  13. Mark •individual then continue
  14. Trustee information
  15. Mark I am grantor/trustee
  16. Trust address
  17. •NO
  18. Continue
  19. Verify Mailing Address
  20. Accept as entered
  21. Tell about Irrevocable Trust use ALL CAPS FOR TRUST NAME Also NO  periods, comma’s, pound signs etc. it won’t take it
  22. Continue
  23. Employs  •NO
  24. Continue
  25. Mark • “Receive online”
  26. Continue
  27. Summary
  28. Submit
  29. Under Successfully assigned  (print this Ctrl P)
  30. Click here for your EIN confirmation  Letter (don’t click on continue at this time or you will lose your letter)

Thank you to an anonymous client for these instructions!

The Team