Copyright Business Trust

In the society of today and the intrusion into American business by governing agencies and tax authorities the profit range of most businesses have shrunk and are shrinking to the point that staying profitable is difficult. The hidden cost of doing business eats up most of the profits businesses realized in the years past. Between the raise of minimum wages to the increase in taxation and now overtime for salaried employees the challenges to keeping a company in the black are far more than even a decade ago.

It became obvious that a structure was needed to allow a business to regain their profitability and stay within the guidelines of the law and all tax codes. The secret was, the structure already existed but was rarely used. Simply because people had been cloned to create companies or run sole proprietorships in a taxable mode and to conform to the expensive systems of today.  With social directions altering that placed the businessmen and companies to bear the burden of steadily increasing labor costs, taxes, mandatory benefit packages, restrictions of all types that limited and governed executive compensation packages, the once profitable business has become a narrow margin affair.

A paramount shift is needed for businesses to realize the profit range they deserve and to once more allow the owners of a business to realize the profit and benefits they deserve. Remember; owners of businesses are the ones who provide the jobs, incomes and way of life for the vast majority of people.  Therefore if businesses become unprofitable and disappear due to bankruptcy, the very economy which keeps the Nation going will shrink to unsustainable levels and the so called great society will collapse.

A highly specialized and Copyrighted Business Trust and legal documents were created by the Law Firm to correct this problem and let businesses and owners regain the profit margins once realized in American business. This is done in a novel way and through the use of our Copyrighted Legal Structures, Documents and Proprietary Systems.

The object of our Copyrighted Business Trust, its structure and Copyrighted legal documents and proprietary systems, is to eliminate liability, defer income taxes, eliminate withholdings and employer paid Social Security benefits, eliminate unemployment tax, eliminate workman’s compensation tax, increase profitability of the Business and reduce or eliminate liability insurance. This is done by means of a Copyrighted Business Trust, the legal documents and proprietary systems.

In a service business for example, the Trust generates all leads, sells the accounts, and generates the business. It conducts business and provides services through its Independent Agents who provide all sales and services for the Trust. Sales Agents and Service Agents may or may not be the same. The Trust provides and sells all supplies to the Agents needed for their services at a set cost published and provided them from time to time (an added profit center for the business). It utilizes the Independent Agents to sell and service its customers and clients who are or become customers and clients of the Trust not the Agents.

The Trust provides the Agents with all sales leads, locations and work to be performed according to the Agreement with the Agents; a detailed outline of sales or services to be performed is provided the Agents through the Independent Agent Agreement. The clients sold are and remain customers of the Trust; strict and enforceable non-compete and non-circumvention sections of the Agreement are in place to prevent any Agent from converting Trust customers to themselves.

The Trust collects all payments via the Agents when the service is performed by Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash, or Check. The Trust pays the Agents as Independent Contractors deducting for supplies provided to the Agents to perform their services. The Service Agents make 25 to 40% (twenty five to forty percent or some negotiated percent) of the total price (less supply costs sold to the Agent and the commissions paid to the Sales Agent) the Trust receives for the job. All Agents provide their own transportation, insurance, working partners or helpers, supplies for the work, cost of doing business and all related costs. The Trust retains at least 60% of the price of each job.

This structure allows the Trust to maintain the majority of the revenue generated from the jobs it provides its Agents to perform thus eliminating the hidden cost of business. This retention provides the Trustees of the Trust (the owners of the business) the ability to pay themselves and provide special privileges, insurance, transportation, lease payments, and all other expenses that would normally be deducted from the meager 10 to 15% profit most business owners are forced to use to pay themselves. It opens up a new horizon of opportunity and freedom from trying to keep a company in the black and realize a comfortable income; a problem realized by most owners of a business. This structure is also free of restrictions concerning executive compensation scrutiny.

With the changing business environment in today’s society and the fierce demands on employers being made by government agencies, the time has passed where conventional business models may be very effective. Just staying in business could become a real challenge with minimum wages growing higher and higher. Taxations on all levels are also rising faster than anyone ever imagined. Just keeping a company in a profit zone is a real challenge for most owners. Obama Care has devastated the employer and employee alike and this structure eliminates the insurance burden imposed on employers through the Business Trust Structure.

The following outline shows the Business Trust and Agent Structure:

Business-Trust-Agent-StructureThis is the basic structure of the Business Trust Format. The Independent Sales and Service Agents are contracted through special Independent Agent Agreements provided for use by the Business Trust. The Agreement allows the Trust to perform its sales and services, sell its supplies, manufacture its goods, resell merchandise, perform consulting services, provide professional services, or conduct any form of business completely within the law and stay in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code.

In addition to the Business Trust outline the second part of the structure conveys the net income of the Business Trust (income less business expenses) to a Special Beneficial Trust that is a Beneficiary of the Business Trust. This is an extremely unique method and legal way to defer taxes and preserve the profit of the Business Trust. The reason for the secondary Trust is this; in a Business Trust all profits must pass through on an annual basis or the retained income is taxed at a high rate. Only a small operational sum is permitted to be retained from one year to the next. Therefore the net income passes through to the Specialized Beneficial Trust in the following manner.

A Business Trust Operations and Service Manual is created that outlines the sales and services and/or work to be performed, the terms and conditions of the services and/or work to be performed by the Agents, a detailed strategic business outline, future plans of growth and expansion, price lists, sales tracks for Sales Agents, sales techniques, training procedures, uniform codes and conduct, dress codes, supply lists and costs to the Agents of the Trust and other detailed and complete Trust information and data.  The Manual is bound and published in two bound books, one for the copyright and the other to be held secure by the Trust. The Manual is then copyrighted in the name of the Beneficial Trust.

The Beneficial Trust then leases the Business Trust Operations and Service Manual to the Business Trust so the Beneficial Trust can charge the Business Trust for the use of the Manual to operate by and conduct its business operations through as a lease payment for use of the copyright. Detailed and complex Lease Agreements are provided for use that sets up the legal lease between the two Trusts. Through this Lease Agreement the income into the Beneficial Trust is declared Extraordinary Dividends, a royalty which is not income to the Trust. Thus all income into this Trust is not income or a taxable event. The Internal Revenue Code allows special Trusts that are constructed according to the Code the ability to do this legally.  All equipment and business assets are owned by the Beneficial Trust and is included in the Lease Agreement that are also leased to the Business Trust in addition to the copyright for a set fee of the net income less the expenses of the business.

The following outline shows the Special Beneficial Trust as a Beneficiary of the Business Trust and its Agents Structure:

Beneficiary-Trust-Agent-StructureThe Business Trust structure works for any type of business. Certain types of businesses require business to be conducted through a Corporation, LLC or LLP, Sole Proprietorship or other legal entity for professional licenses reasons or other requirements. If this is the case then the Business Trust simply owns all the assets of the entity and leases them back to the concern for the profitability of the entity. The lease payments come into the Trust as Extraordinary Dividends which is not income to the Trust. All legal documents are provided for these circumstances. The Business Trust then endows the Beneficial Trust which is not income to that Trust through special appointed Beneficiaries of the Trust and everything is totally protected and not subject to judgments or turnover orders from a court or anyone.  Liability has been eliminated completely; assets, funds and properties are untouchable.

The legal work in compiling the Manual, preparing the copyright, filing the copyright with the Library of Congress to obtain the copyrighted material required, the Independent Agent Agreements, Lease Agreement, and other legal documents are provided in this comprehensive package. Full support is provided on an ongoing basis for consultations, documents and other support services.

Also we provide introduction to a licensed tax adviser and CPA to do all the tax work and filings with the IRS along with annual tax returns for both Trusts. This service is an excellent way for the Trusts to comply with all state and federal tax laws and keep the necessary records for business. The services are reasonable and affordable and are fully in compliance with all state and federal regulations and bookkeeping procedures.  The package includes all introductions, arrangements for the Agreements with the firm for ongoing services, and setup with Quick Books.

The advantages of eliminating liability, reducing company expense, eliminating the hidden costs of doing business, increasing profit from a mere 10 to 15% at best to often more than 40% retained net profit, are comparable with no other structure in business today.  Only our Special Copyrighted Trusts and Materials and Proprietary Systems can create this confidential business advantage.

Paul Rosen, Attorney is the General Partner of Masters Copyrights, LLC. The Company provides the legal service work for all clients, creates the Trusts, provides all legal documents and through his paralegal and accounting associates provides support services for all Trust clients. All services and legal documents must be provided by and through a licensed Attorney to comply with the legal system. Only legal documents prepared by an Attorney or through a Law Firm are legal documents! The use of non-legal documents to conduct business or use for bank accounts and banking business could be considered fraud or illegal transactions. Become one of the very few today who are far sighted enough to structure themselves to be a profitable concern in the society of today.