Retirement Trusts with Special Copyrighted Non-Grantor, Irrevocable, Complex, Discretionary Provisions

A new format of Trust has been created by the Rosen & Rosen Law Firm that is specifically designed to serve Retirees, plus anyone planning for their later years, to preserve their assets and estates. The structure of this Trust varies from the standard Copyrighted format we use because the Settlor of the Trust is the one who conveys property, assets and funds to this Trust. Once the Trust is created the Settlor of the Trust becomes the Compliance Overseer, that allows them to make certain the Trustee of the Trust follows the wishes of the Settlor the Beneficiaries will be the ultimate receivers of the estate now held in the Trust. It also allows the Settlor to remove and replace Beneficiaries if the need requires this action. If the Trustee is not acting according to the wishes of the Settlor they may remove the Trustee and appoint another to serve in that capacity. The Settlor may never be a Trustee or Beneficiary of the Trust. This creates a complete separation that is irrevocable and final between the property, assets and funds of the Settlor. This separation is done in a novel unique way and is accomplished through our Copyrighted Trust. The Settlor in a legal way sells their entire estate to the Trust through a “Bill of Sale” and receives a “Demand Promissory Note” that has Copyrighted special provisions that separates the properties and estate from the seller legally and beyond any legal challenge. The Bill of Sale and Demand Promissory Note are then filed with the County Clerk in the County were the sale occurred. This legally records the sale of the estate for legal recording purposes. The Settlor may then be paid by the Trust for the value of the note which is set at the time of the sale and take funds on an as needed basis. This payment is after tax dollars to the Settlor and is not taxable income. The only legal requirement for the Settlor is that they be in expectation of reasonable health and of competency to sell the property at the time of the sale. Once the estate is sold and the documents recorded no entity may seize the properties nor exercise any claw back provision. There is no law against a person selling what is theirs to sell and a Trust making the purchase. Only that the seller has the authority to sell the property and/or their equity in that property if not fully owned. Other special provisions of the Trust ensure that no creditor of the Settlor or any other agency or entity can exercise any authority to gain access to or claim the properties. By law no court may issue a turn over order against the Trust due to the Spendthrift Provision. Therefore, this special Retirement Trust protects the entire estate of an individual(s) effectively passing it on to the loved ones of the Settlor of the Trust. Millions of people across the nation are reaching retirement age and have little or no effective way to insure their estate(s) will survive should catastrophic illness, incapacity, incompetency, or death occur. Many simply want to protect their estates in the most prudent manner. This special Copyrighted Trust is specifically designed to accomplish the needs of people described above. We know of no other structure that offers the benefits and bullet proof advantages of our Copyrighted Retirement Trust.