I was initially confused by the web site and what Master’s Trust was all about. I now understand about what I’m getting and an excited to know there is protection. IVY


So glad I found Masters Trust and am able to protect my family and go forward. JL


I am very pleased that there is a company with integrity. It is very disconcerting to learn that Lynn Bernal took money under the pretense of providing a service of setting up a Trust for people who trusted her.   We are grateful to have been guided in the right direction towards a company who is protecting us in setting up a legal Trust.  SAM


Thank You Masters Trust LLC for being the real thing.

Years ago I was duped with a “Pure Trust”, because of a friend I stepped into the Lynn Bernal/Jim Blakeman trust only to find out I was back into the same situation. Discouraged, lied to, miss represented and skeptical, I searched for the real thing. Both my friend and I were relieved to have found the Masters Trust LLC.  LLB


Masters Trust, from Masters Copyrights LLC is the answer to my needs!  KM, PhD.


Masters Trust LLC provides a specialized Real-Estate Trust that is far beyond anything else in the business world today. They like you want you to do well.  Very grateful in AZ


Thank you for all the valuable information you shared with me, which is amazing, and for giving me more background on our trusts.  BH


I felt like I had been sucker punched in the stomach when we were notified that trust we purchased was a not a legal copyrighted version and worthless. I felt angry and frustrated that I had been conned by the snake oil salesman Jim Blakeman and his assistant Lynn Bernal placing our family at legal and tax risk if this trust was used.

There was a calming sense of relief and gratitude when we were notified that the legal owners of the copyrighted version of the trust would be supplied to us.  We are so grateful to Dr. Karla and Marcus for exposing this fraud and to Masters Copyrights LLC for providing us with the legal trust to protect our family!   Very Grateful


At this time I have not purchased the trust from Jim Blakeman and Lynn Bernal (only sent the $20.00 to hold the trust).  After listening to several Monday night calls, I had a bad feeling about it, Jim never fully listened to the callers question, seemed to cut the person off before they could finish and never gave an understandable answer, which left you with more confusion, at that point I decided not to purchase their trust, I figured so what I only lost $20.00. Very pleased we now have a trust that I know our Family assets will be protected in.  Better safe than sorry


I am very grateful that there were those that were able to expose Jim Blakeman and Lynn Bernal. Those people are harming many, and I personally resent dishonest people that would hurt not only myself but others. The court records revealing the orders to cease and desist pertaining to selling the infringing copyright products are public information. I now can make referrals and lead people to the Masters Trust LLC knowing they will be taken care of legally.   Doc T


I have 23 copyrights of my own. It wasn’t until I received my “Paid for Trust” from Jim Blakeman and Lynn Bernal that I realized I had been defrauded with a SO-CALLED copyrighted Trust. Good try Jim we are not ALL DUMB – Masters Copyrights LLC replaced my Trust free of charge – I am grateful for the truth that sets us free.  IN HIS NAME


All I can say is WOW! I’m so grateful for believers. NO ONE else would spend this much time and effort to SERVE people. We love you guys!  JG


I cannot speak for others, but I have received within hours an answer to each question that I have submitted to Master’s Copyrights LLC. Never once have I had to wait longer than 3 hours and I have sent approximately 60 questions in total. All answers were clear and concise.  uhijack


After finding out how bad Jim Blakeman was, it was scary, we could have lost everything. The trust we bought from Blakeman/Bernal wasn’t legal. Our trust was replaced with the REAL thing by Masters Copyrights LLC. We are so pleased that we were educated in another direction and now we feel safe.  Thankful Person – 90 years young!